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* We do not provide any other cosmetic product. Please bring your own *

Make your memorable experience with our Spa package with our exclusive service.

Bookings are essential

Spa Retreat

Spa essential + Korean body scrub


Delight Treatment

Spa essential + Korean body scrub + Shampoo

+ Mini relax body massage

Lux Treatment

Spa essential + Korean body scrub + Shampoo

+ Mini Relax body massage + Mini facial care




Enjoy Our Promotion

​Nails​​ on Promotion

Manicure                         $15                                       

Pedicure                          $25

Manicure Shellac             $30   (5 tickets  $25x5)

Pedicure Shellac              $40   (5 tickets $35x5)

Spa Pedi /Shellac             $45/ $65  

​Nail Art​​ on Promotion

Gel Glitter French           $35                                      

Facial Skin Care

Mini facial   $39  ($50)


40 mins facial, including lovely relaxing massage, freshening of the skin, using aloe gel

Full deluxe deep tissue rejuvenating facial   $59  ($80)

60 mins. This skin repairing facial will dimenish scaring heal and lift the collegan. Using shea butter in handmade products. Your skin will look and feel moisterized and plump afterwards.

*special price is for the first time offer

Advanced Treatments

  HICAPS Available  

Remedial Massage
(with Aroma Oil)​​
30 min - $50
60 min - $90 (10 tickets $70x10)
90 min - $120 (10 tickets $100x10)
120 min - $150 (10 tickets $130x10)
Foot ​Reflexology
or Ion Detox Foot Spa
30 min - $30
45 min - $45
Combined Foot Package - $50
Family Spa 
​​4 hours - $498 (max 4 adults)​
Spa Day Out
4 hours - $1000 (max of 10 pp)
Body Treatment 
Body Sliming 1 hr -$70
 (10 tickets $50x10)
Body Sliming + Infrared $110
 (10 tickets $100 x10)
 Half Body Sauna 
​​60 minutes     $20


Diamond Peeling

Microdermabrasion with real diamond peeling tip

Preduces the look of fine wrinkles and blemishes by removing outer layer of dead skin

Nano Electroporation

Platinum Nano Electroporation System

When the cells were electroporated and formed the penetration channel immediately, use the electrotepulsion function to accelerate the penetration of nutrients to the basal layer

LED Light Therapy

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green four kinds of biological light activity cold light.

Good effect in whitening, anti-allergy and oxidized

Improves the lymph and blood circultory system

Complex light are amid at treat comprehensive skin

Mono RF

Radio Frequency System (0.3MHz)

Additional Price for $50

with Any Other Treatments

Three-Dimensional Slimming & Shaping

An effective smooth the body meridians, blood reconciliation, anti-inflammatory pain

Promote blood circulation and lymp


Cavitation & RF Slimming

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