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3-in-1 Hydrating Cleanser/Toner/Make-up Remover


Type of skin : All skin types
Objective : Cleansing
Presentation : Vial 200 ml


Removes make-up, soothes & moisturises in 1 simple step! Formulated with Micellaire technology which allows makeup to be "lifted from the skin" in an instant. This hydrating cleansing lotion contains plant base Hyaluronic Acid and balancing Rose water for a simple cleansing and toning regime. Micelle water will rapidly cleanse, hydrate, invigorate and maintain the natural PH of the Skin. Eau Micellaire is perfect for sensitive eyes and skin because it is rich in water and contain much less cleansing & foaming agents than traditional cleansers.

Eau Micellaire Hydratante 3-in-1 Hydrating Cleanser/Toner/Make-up Remover

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