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ATOMY Absolute Cell Active Skincare Set aims for beautiful younger-looking skin by giving vitality and elasticity to your skin. A complete carepack  - containing 'anti-aging awarded' products in a seamless 6-step routine.


Product Highlights

  • CellActive ™ Code Using Nature's Ingredients
  • CellActive ™ Technology that Finds Its Own Path
  • Different from the Base Green Tea Essential Water
  • Indulge in the luxurious scent of Tuberosa


What's in the box?

  • Absolute Toner 150ml
  • Absolute Ampoule 40ml
  • Absolute Serum 50ml
  • Absolute Lotion 135ml
  • Absolute Eye-Complex 40ml
  • Absolute Nutrition Cream 50ml



More about the individual products...


Absolute Toner:

  • Dead skin cell removal; Absolute Toner cleans the skin for better absorption.
  • This premium boosting toner will revitalize and refresh your skin.

Absolute Ampoule:

  • Your intensive de-aging care (care for wrinkle, moisturizing, elasticity, & derma density). Absolute Ampoule, high-efficacy all-round ampoule, defines the Absolute skincare set.
  • An ampoule infused with an exclusive technology to reverse the signs of aging.
  • To experience the maximum benefit use one bottle intensely for one month, the skin’s natural turn-over cycle.

Absolute Serum:

  • Inner elasticity; Absolute Serum enhances the inner elasticity of your skin.
  • A highly concentrated serum for your visibly younger-looking skin.

Absolute Lotion:

  • Tightening; Absolute Lotion restores the skin’s oil and water balance.
  • It offers intense hydration and nutrition to enhance radiance.

Absolute Eye-complex:

  • Eye area lifting; Anti-wrinkle effect/ face-lifting intensive care for your eye area with Absolute Eye-complex.
  • Eye-complex reduces the appearance of aging and smoothes wrinkles.

Absolute Nutrition Cream

  • Triple Elasticity; Absolute Nutrition cream cares for your neck zone.
  • It’s highly enriched to reduce the appearance of aging. Nutrition cream improves skin’s resilience while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

ATOMY Absolute Skincare Set

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