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Parking at Paddington

Tree Lined Path

Driving to Arisoo Spa Paddington? 🍃🌳

🅿️ Here’s where to park! It can get a little tricky...
Put in the
'Centennial Homestead' as your destination and make your way into Centennial Park. Before you arrive at the cafe, turn left into Parkes Dr and drive up the hill - park as close to the entrance as possible for the utmost convenience.

🚙 There’s 3 hour free public parking!
This is more than enough time for your treatment and stay at Arisoo Spa (2 hours).

🚶🏻‍♀️It’s just a 1 minute walk!
Simply use the pedestrian crossings to make your way across to our building and sink into calming waters while you wait for your thorough pampering!


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