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facial treatments

PANACÉE Signature Treatment (90 minutes)


Panacée booth treatment is an age-defying treatment formulated exclusively for mature skin. The certified organic Panacée booth treatment makes the skin look younger by reducing the lines and Wrinkles and sculpting the face producing instant visible results after just one treatment!


Soin Multi Vita (75 mins)


Multi Vitamin facial, for skin that is aging and lacking tone with fine lines. Lifting, firming, moisturising, regenerating, vitamin & mineral enriched facial. For mature skin.

Soin Anti-Comedon (75 mins)

Deep cleansing and rebalancing for skin prone to comedones and with dilated pores. Purifies, brightens and refeshes.

Soin Phyt's Men (60 mins)


Refreshing, oxygenating & calming, cleansing facial & adapted specifically for men’s skin. Detoxifying, softening & radiant


Sensi Phyt's (45 minutes)


Sensi PHYT'S treatment aims at calming and softening sensitive skin. Its natural formulations work at reinforcing the epidermis' barrier to protect the skin against external aggressions. It also hydrates the skin to bring back softness and suppleness.


Soin Phyt'sublim Eyes (40 mins)


Eye contour treatment to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Decongests, hydrates and tones.







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