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Korean Spa Experience
Reveal your inner and outer beauty

Arisoo is a Korean style wellness spa for ladies.

We offers a range of experiences ranging from Korean body scrub, remedial massage, facial treatment, shampoo, Saunas, Steam, and hot and cold baths. 

In our spa, you will feel yourself relax as you make your way from the hot and cold bath to steam and saunas. After all , get a full body scrub by using a Korean mitt will give your whole body a exfoliating treatment. The pampering continues with a remedial massage to release the tiredness of your body while a facial treatment is applied. And your hair isn’t left out either – treat your scalp to a spa rinse and conditioning treatment. 

After a day at this spa, you’ll be sure to feel as great as your skin looks! Whether you’re looking for a little boost of health, a chill place to hangout with friends and family, or looking to pamper yourself with some beauty treatments, this is the place to be!

 Visit us today and let us help you relax and unwind.

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